Knee Pain Relief

Your knee is one of the most important joints in the body. If something goes wrong, whether because of sports, poor diet, or lack of exercise, if you don’t treat, all sorts of medical conditions can arise. However, the good news  is….

The Three Rules For Knee Healthcare

Here is something that I need to state up front and emphasize. No one is going to take care of you. Sure at some point, maybe it will happen, but for 99% of your life, you simply must Must MUST take responsibility for your own health.  So if you are having knee problems and want your healthy knees back, then consider these:


You Are What You Eat

I am shocked at the junk people put into their bodies, especially socalled ‘convenience foods’, like potato chips, corn chips and so on. They are processed with loads of sugar, salt, transfats and no real nutrition. Next time you reach for …

You Are What You Think

It’s an unfortunate fact that depression is common nowadays, not only causing emotional pain, but may even increase knee pain. How is this? One theory is that if we experience pain or stress in one form or another, it reduces our ability to….

You Are What You Do

The truth is that we actually have a lot more ability to control our health destiny, not just for our knees but also for our whole body—as well as emotional and even spiritual life.   Information is the key. The main point is to pay attention to….

Who is Eric? A Little About Me

I am 69 years old, was a Zen monk for 7 years. Went into business in 1985, now retired. Having injured my knee three times, I have done extensive research on the many knee treatments available. Too often, care providers have their own ideas and lack objectivity. I provide you with that.

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Your Knee: A very important joint

The knee is one of the most important joints because it bears so much weight in a small area, if something goes wrong with your knee, through accidental injury, overuse in sports or work, poor diet, too little exercise, too much exercise (such as runners knee) all sorts of problems can arise.

But the thing is, many other health conditions also are related to the knee. Arthritis affect knee joints but can also affect other joints. And diet is certainly a factor in arthritis, since by definition, it means inflamed joint. “My joints feel like they are on fire” is more true than we realize.

Well, inflammation can be the result of different factors, diet being one, stress, injury and so on.

So the point here is that how you live your life will affect not just your knees but all parts of your body.

If you want to get technical about it, the authoritative website, identifies 41 medical conditions that cause knee (or hip) pain. You can check them out yourself here.

But let’s keep it simple

If you accept the fact that you must take responsibility for your own health, here are the reasons for knee problems:

  • You don’t get enough exercise. Especially, if you lead a sedentary life, stuck in a cubicle at work, or you are a couch potato at home, slumped watching the tube, or hunched over your computer, your knees don’t get enough circulation, muscles which stabilize the joint weaken over time, leaving you vulnerable.
  • You get too much exercise, or the wrong kind, which can result in knee injury. I knew someone whose mother ran multiple marathons and by her early 50’s she had no protective cartilage. Athletes are notorious for wearing out their knees. Here is a list of famous athletes who had major knee problems.
  • You eat poorly. To be honest, I am shocked at the junk people put into their bodies, especially socalled ‘convenience foods’, like potato chips, corn chips and so on. They are loaded with sugar, salt, transfats and no real nutrition, like vitamins and minerals. Next time you reach for something in a bag, look at the ingredients. If you see a bunch of terms that don’t look like food, but more like chemicals, you’re right. You’re basically a profitable test tube for some junk food company.
  • Your work environment puts stress on you, physically, such as in construction work or manufacturing jobs. Job safety is being sacrificed for corporate profit, and guess who pays the bill.
  • Studies also show that emotional stress is a factor in your overall health. 25% of Americans are on anti depressants. See below for more on that.

Obesity and Knee Problems

So what do all these result in? First, is being overweight. Did you know that every extra pound of weight you carry equals 4 x more pressure on your knee? But weight doesn’t just affect your knees, it affects all your other joints, and puts stress on your internal organs, too.  Think of what you were like (if that was the case ever) when you weren’t carrying around that belly. It’s like carrying around an extra 25, 50 or100 pounds or more. All the time! No wonder you feel tired or your knees ache!

Someone complained to me about her knees. She told me that she weighs 175 pounds and she is 5’2” tall. According to normal measurements, she should weigh 115-125 pounds. She is carrying the equivalent of a 50 pound sack of cement. All the time! Kind of hard to get the right size clothes. Even a  knee support brace she tried would not fit her very fat legs. Obesity matters.

Sitting too much

Another example of  interrelated health problems is the all too common sedentary lifestyle.

As you read this, are you sitting upright in a healthy posture that allows not only good circulation, but full breathing? Excessive sitting results in weakened muscles everywhere, and specifically around the knee. Plus poor circulation. People who sit for long periods of time may develop life threatening embolisms. Poor posture puts stress on all your joints and depresses breathing, so you aren’t getting enough oxygen.

If you sit around, eat unconsciously, constantly snacking on stuff loaded with sugar, salt, transfats, don’t exercise, gain weight,  then you may decide you are too fat and can’t exercise. It’s a downward spiral. You must break that spiral if you want to get not just healthy knees, but also improve your overall well being and self esteem.


According to the online journal Live Science, Smoking affects knee joints and according to  a recent study:

Weird Finding: Smoking Causes Knee Pain

The dangers of smoking are well documented and widely known nowadays. But here’s one you probably didn’t expect:

Men with osteoarthritis in the knee experience more severe pain and more loss of cartilage if they smoke.

“This is a novel finding,” said Dr. Shreyasee Amin, a rheumatologist at the Mayo Clinic lead researcher in a new study that will be published online this week in the Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases.

Knee osteoarthritis is one of the leading causes of disability in older people.

The study involved imaging the knees of 159 men with osteoarthritis and asking them about their pain. On a pain scale with 100 as the highest score, the smokers came in at about 60 on average with the non-smokers at 45.

The researchers don’t know why smoking exacerbates the arthritis. But they suggest some possibilities. Smoking might …

  • Disorder cells and inhibit cell proliferation.
  • Increase oxidant stress, which contributes to cartilage loss.
  • Raise carbon monoxide levels in blood, contributing to tissue hypoxia (insufficient blood oxygenation), which could impair cartilage repair.

As if lung cancer and heart disease are not bad enough, smoking even makes your joints hurt more..

Work stress affects us in many ways

Not only can mechanical stress during work affect the knees and other joints, but too much stress in general affects our whole quality of life.

Even our state of mind change healthy knees to hurting knees

It is an unfortunate fact that depression is common nowadays, not only causing emotional pain, but may even increase knee pain. How is this? One theory is that if we experience pain or stress in one form or another, it reduces our ability to handle pain in another form.

Think about when you are really tired, and your nerves are frayed. They say trouble comes in 3’s, and that can mean that knee problems interact with other health issues.

Well, I hope I haven’t totally bummed you out over all these examples of Murphy’s Law—that things often go wrong—can result in not just knee problems, but other health problems. Or other health problems are related to knee problems.

The good news is that the reverse is true.

Self care is the way to go.  If you want to keep your knees healthy, or get back your formerly healthy knees, take good care of your yourself.

The truth is that we actually have a lot more ability to control our health destiny, not just for our knees but also for our whole body—and emotional and even spiritual life.

Information is the key. The main point is, KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. However, what you do with that knowledge is up to you.

There are two areas that almost everyone should pay attention to: Weight and Toxins.

To get an honest assessment of where you stand, especially in view of the fact that we are exposed to all kinds of toxins, from pesticide food, to processed foods with lots of unhealthy fats, and even now, clean pure water is hard to find, here is a quiz that can help you see if you are doing ok or not. Remember, it is not just weight, but also toxins accumulated in our bodies over time that can affect your joints, too.

The first step is to recognize that “You Are What You Eat!” Great health starts with a proper body weight. Since most people are overweight nowadays, if you fit into that category, then it’s a good idea to lose weight. And lose it as fast as possible.  Why is that? Because the sooner you lose weight, the faster there is less stress on your knees, not to mention all the other parts of your body affected by extra unwanted pounds or kilos.  The other reason why it is a good idea to lose weight fast, is because–let’s face it–everybody wants fast results.

Who wants to spend days and weeks on a treadmill, and slurping expensive and weird tasting concoctions meant to lose weight, but invariable result in gaining the weight right back? What we need is a program to simplify the whole weight reduction process. Here is an example of what I am talking about.

The truth is that we often in our busy lives, just don’t have the time to research all the things we need to learn, in order to improve our quality of life.  An easy solution, is to let others do the work for us.  If you want to get healthy, not just with your knees but in all aspects of your life, check out this free report on The 2 Week Diet. It’s free to sign up for. No obligation, no costs.

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