To Diet or Not to Diet–and Why…

Generally speaking, I am pretty healthy. And unlike many people who have reviewed Brian Flatt’s 2 Week Diet, I am a little unusual. I am not going to say, “I was 50 pounds overweight and lost 20 pounds in 2 weeks”. I have two issues. One is that my knees are sensitive, especially the one that’s been injured 3 times. In the past, I stayed in reasonably good shape by walking, bicycling and doing yoga. However, after my 3rd injury, and given the fact that I am over 60, loss of muscle strength and bone density become an issue, I had decided to start weight training a year and a half earlier. I started taking whey powder for more protein, too.

And after awhile, I started getting a rash on my legs. A Naturopathic practitioner, suggested that I might be allergic to the dairy I was ingesting. And since then, the rash has subsided. However, I am concerned about toxicity in the environment and in food. So that was a factor in considering a diet.

The second thing is that, while I am not exactly fat, I have had a bit of a stomach, which is kind of embarrassing. So, when I saw the 2 week diet, which addresses the issue of weight, toxicity and proper course of exercise, it seemed like a good idea. I didn’t need to lose much weight. At 5’9″ and 144 pounds, most people would hardly complain. But dreams of a 6 pack ab stomach and memories of weighing 135 when I was 35 were tempting. So took the plunge.

Starting the 2 Week Diet

First, Brian sent a free overview ebook which explained the principles behind the diet, all of which make sense. In a nutshell, he says that most diets fail, because of two reasons. The overall structure of most diets is such that they are

too hard to follow. Most people simply don’t have the patience to restrict their food and exercise at the gym for days and weeks. The diet is supposed to get us to lose weight fast, so that we feel encouraged. He challenges the conventional wisdom that losing weight on the order of 6-14 or more pounds in 2 weeks is unhealthy. He backs all that up with scientific research. So far so good. Once I understood the principles of the diet, it made sense to give it a try. There was one other factor, aside from weight which he brought up, which I also was concerned about, that of toxins.

The Issue of Toxins

pesticide crop duster

pesticide crop duster

Brian says that we are constantly exposed to all sorts of toxins from pollution and bad processed food, to name just two. And that the toxins stay in our fat. So if we want to shed the toxins, shed the fat! Makes sense. He even included a toxin quiz so you can get an idea of where your body stands in relation to toxins. You can take the quiz by going here, to this link.

While I consider myself pretty careful by avoiding packaged and junk food, the fact that I live in a city that sometimes has pretty bad pollution, and the fact that I have taken antibiotics maybe too much, showed that I should have moderate concern about toxins. For that reason alone, the quiz was worth taking.

How it went

The course consists of several sections. The main point is that it tells you what you should eat each day of the 14 days. The first couple of days were hardest for me because they totally eliminated carbohydrates. So on the second day, I was feeling kind of drained, but I kept pushing through. I lost a couple of pounds right away. I was continuing to lose weight, following the instructions. One funny thing that happened was that I went to a networking event at Pizza Hut. I told the organizer that I wouldn’t eat the pizza, which was ok. When I showed up, the tables had plates of quite delicious looking brownies as a sort of appetizer. I felt kind of sad not being able to eat a brownie, however, one must maintain discipline. LOL.

It didn’t help that one of the participants brought some of her homemade cupcakes…..oh well. The event organizer was very kind, he sent out for a nice chicken salad, so I felt better. Overall, I didn’t find the diet too difficult. Until day 11, which happened to fall on Thanksgiving. I restricted myself to some chicken and there was some squash soup, which would have to substitute for pumpkin pie, or my favorite, apple pie and ice cream. Oh—the sacrifices we make to get those 6 Pack Abs!

Needless to say, I gained back a couple of pounds anyway.

There are two optional aspects to the diet, which are recommended, though. One point is that there are a couple of common things that people often take (sorry, can’t give away what they are, in respect for those who paid for the course.) I chose not to use two of the three recommended items, since I have used them in the past and prefer to avoid them. A third item is an herbal supplement that I have known about for years, but didn’t know that it promotes weight loss. I ordered some by mail but it didn’t arrive in time. So for the duration of the course, I didn’t use those, which probably affected my overall weight loss.

The other key aspect of the diet was a new weight training program. It is short and high intensity You can get through the daily workout in 30-40 minutes. Now, I have been working out for a year and a half already, so I know working out can be challenging. Brian recommends some exercises that I had not done before, and even though the routine takes well under an hour, it will still make you know you had a full body, fat burning workout.

In the end, despite not using the supplements he suggest we use, and the Thanksgiving setback, I still ended up losing 6.6 pounds, bringing me to within a couple of pounds of my target weight at age 35, which was 135 pounds. Most people are at least 10-20 pounds overweight, so I feel pretty good about that. Second, my stomach is definitely flatter, due to Brian’s recommended ab exercises which I had not tried before. And best of all, was that on the very last day, I did chin ups. Those are not in Brian’s recommended routine, but they give me a sense of accomplishment. When I first started weight training, I couldn’t do even one chin up.

On the final day, I had, as mentioned, lost 6.6 pounds and I did a series of chin ups with 1 minute rest. 14, 6, 5, and 1. At which point I couldn’t do any more. I then went through his routine, and just before leaving, I did another 8 chinups for a Chin ups

total of 34 chin ups within an hour, which I feel really good about.


Today I was at the gym and during the workout, people noticed me wearing my For-Knees knee brace. Both are in their 60’s and both have pretty bad knee pain. The woman remarked how well I do squats. I tactfully suggested that her weight must be a factor, since she is obviously overweight. The first thing I look at when I see someone with knee pain is their weight. The second guy told me that his cortisone shot had just worn out and his knee is hurting badly again. He didn’t realize that cortisone shots, in the long run, will adversely affect his knees. He is also overweight.

So that is the reason why I am recommending you do the 2 Week Diet, if weight is an issue for you. Sooner or later, excess weight will become a problem, so why not deal with it now? To get access to the free report, click here:

And if you are ready to sign up for the full course, click here. The cost is $37 usually, however, I will send you a coupon code for a 20% discount. Needless to say, I don’t want the code circulating freely, so I will send it by email. If you are serious about losing weight, take action. And remember, if you aren’t satisfied with the results, you have 60 days to get a full refund, no questions asked.

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