Magnetic Compression Knee Sleeves Far Infrared Heat protect knees

Magnetic Compression Knee Sleeves Far Infrared Heat protect knees

My name is Eric Arnow. I am 66 years old, and have led a pretty active life, running, hiking, doing yoga. In 2013,  I climbed two mountains in China, both over 9000-10,000 feet. Here you can see me climbing a tree at my friend’s farm. This is the story about how For-Knees Magnetic Compression Knee Sleeves with Far Infrared Heat protect knees. I will also explain that I set up this website, to help people with comprehensive information about taking care of their knees. The knee joint is not only one of the most important joints, but it is also one of the joints most prone to injury and wear and tear. So it is critical to take good care of your knees. This site will present a multidisciplinary approach, and an unbiased approach, based on massive amounts of research.

Background–How I got interested in knee pain relief

In 1984, I had my first knee surgery for a torn meniscus, and had to have about 1/4 of it removed. I had knee pain for years, but managed reasonably well, especially doing yoga exercises. Then late last year, I felt a ‘twinge’ in my knee, and the pain and stiffness increased over several months. At that point, I started researching knee support sleeves, and other approaches to knee pain management, partly to help myself, but also, because I thought that if I did the research, I could help others with their knees.

In the past I had used a knee wrap, and decided to look into that approach further.
I found and tested 5 different products, and also had a friend who also had knee surgery 30 years ago test them, as well as several other friends of mine who also have knee problems.

I  found from an MRI that there was further damage to my knee, and had another surgery, to remove more torn and frayed cartilage, even though the knee supports had reduced the pain and stiffness. My recovery from the operation went well, and I attribute that at least partially to the use of the knee support sleeves. I always wear them when bicycling or walking more than a half mile now or any other type of physical exercise.  I also  occasionally use supplements, such as glucosamine, which helps to build cartilage, and grape seed extract, which reduces inflammation.

Why I chose to use this knee sleeve

There are several different kinds of knee supports. Most are either elastic compression sleeves, or knee wraps or knee braces, which use straps to wrap around the knee. A few use various types of thread, and others use other types of materials and construction.

Of the ones tested, the knee support sleeve that I am making available had the best results. There are other products that are cheaper, but that is because they are not made with the ‘hi tech’ materials that the one featured on this website have.

Knee Support Sleeve

The magnets in these knee compression sleeves are hand sewn into the fabric. They are made from an alloy of the rare mineral neodymium, as well as the common mineral boron, and iron. This magnet was only developed in the 1980’s, around the time that the semiconductor industry developed. The second factor is tourmaline, a semi precious mineral which has been used for centuries in making jewelry.

In recent years, with the development of advanced chemistry, called nanotechnology, the tourmaline was engineered on the molecular level to reflect infrared heat. Infrared heat is that part of the energy spectrum below the color red. We recognize it as heat from the sun, from our own bodies, from fire, or from electric stoves or other electrical appliances. But tourmaline in its ‘hitech activated’ form, uses the body to reflect back heat.

So the magnets, which affect iron, help stimulate circulation of blood due to the iron in the blood, and the tourmaline uses heat (albeit in small amounts) to help the tissues near them. There is some indication that the tourmaline generates negative ions, which also help. This is a very simple explanation of how the knee sleeves are different from other knee sleeves on the market.

But the main issue, of course, is will they help YOU?

If you came to this site, it is probably because you have some knee pain, due to past injuries, or  you are trying to protect your knees from wearing out, or perhaps you have arthritis, or simply because you are on your feet all day and want to support your knees.
I sincerely hope you’ll find the information valuable, and wish you all the best with your knee health. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reply.

We are all on this planet for a limited time, so my philosophy of life is “Let’s friends, here to help each other to make a happier and healthier world.”