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For-Knees Knee Brace with compression, magnets and far infrared warmth

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Hey there!

If you found your way here, it’s probably because you have a pair of knees. Well. At least one knee.  And you’re wondering one of two things.  First, you are playing sports or other type of physical activity, like being on your feet all day. And you want to make sure that your knees stay healthy and pain free. That’s a good reason to get this knee brace. It will give your knees good knee support, to protect your knees.  Second, did something  happen to your knee, like you twisted it playing sports, or you ran a lot and now your knee hurts? Or you were doing some sport or other and you fell on your knee or somehow it got banged up? Maybe you are over 40, and notice your knees are acting up, they’re feeling kinda achy and you want to do something about it.  Whatever the reason, you should check out the For-Knees, compression knee brace with magnetic therapy and tourmaline natural warmth built in.  But don’t take my word for why you should get this knee brace.

An Unexpected Thumbs Up

Check out this guy, who I met at a party.  Never met him before. So we’re talking and he asked me about my business and say, I sell a knee brace to help people with knee issues. And he says, “Hmmm…I had a knee problem and a friend of mine named Robert gave me his, and it worked! NO more knee pain!”  Well, guess what, his friend is also my friend, an 80 year old guy, whom I had given the knee brace to, and when my new acquaintance (we’ll call him Gary) tried them, it solved his problem.

Here is what he had to say:


Now, I have to state up front:

I am not promising the world

I want to level with you. These don’t work for everybody. If you are seriously overweight, your legs are probably to big for these to fit well. Plus, did you know that your knees bear 4 times the actual weight of your body? That’s because all your weight is concentrated in one area—where the bones meet in the middle of your leg. That hinge joint we call the knee. So for every pound you’re overweight, it’s like 4 extra pounds to your knee. So before you try to solve your problem with a knee brace, you simply MUST lose weight before you get this knee brace.

The other thing is that if you really have a serious knee issue, like seriously torn cartilage, ACL, meniscus, and so on, these might help some (they have helped my knees). But if you’ve got serious pain, see a doctor. That said, if you are trying to protect your knees during sports, or you have some achiness, that may be due to osteoarthritis .  That is very common with people over 40. On the other hand,  if you feel your knees need some support due to a sprain, things like that, then get this knee brace.

Here’s what’s in them: