More Than One Approach to Joint Pain

Knee Pain Has Many Causes–and Treatments

New Supplement Formula Treats Knee Pain’s Various Causes

One of the problems I have faced with my knee, is that even though I have had two knee operations for torn cartilage, I have a feeling that it isn’t just the cartilage or the meniscus (the ‘little pillow’ between your bones that cushions the joint) that is missing that causes soreness. That’s because my knee as a whole has experienced soreness. Different areas, front, back, side, inside– you name it, at one point or another some points in my knee have ached. The other thing is that sometimes my knee feels weak. That is probably due to ligament or tendon problems.

So the question is, what to do about joint symptoms of all kinds?

That is the main purpose of this blog–to identify the various approaches to taking better care of your knees (and joints, as well).

Knee braces, supports, sleeves and wraps can provide immediate support and could help prevent or reduce knee pain. That’s why you see so many athletes using them. But I want to talk about one of the other approaches to knee pain relief. That is the supplement route.

What Drug Should You Take, if any, to Relieve Knee Pain, and Promote Healing?

Fact is, nowadays, the medical profession uses two main approaches, surgery and drugs, especially prescription drugs. Surgery is both expensive, and risky. You don’t know if surgery will work short or long term, and you don’t even know if you’ll survive it. Surgery is by its nature, cutting your body. Not fun! And even if you are ‘put to sleep’ with anesthesia, your body knows.

Drugs come in all types, and can be injected or taken as pills. Steroids, like Cortisone are famous for reducing inflammation, but over time can wear out tissues. Whether given as a shot  or a pill, the results over time may do more harm than good, especially if you use them repeatedly. Even NSAID’s, that is, Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatories, have side effects, such as upset stomach, and could cause heart and circulatory problems.

The Best Approach–the Natural Way to Encourage Your Body to Heal Itself

As the old saying goes, you are what you eat! First off, how many times do we have to say it? Stop eating junk food, that is the fast food restaurant stuff. Eat fresh healthy fruits, vegetables, and protein foods, like fish, nuts, meat, chicken, beans and so on. And moderate amounts of carbohydrates. Lay off the Lay’s Chips, for example. Secondly, it may be a good idea to also take supplements, these are things that occur naturally that you could eat, but are not necessarily available, or that are not as concentrated as our sore knees or joints need to heal and improve.

I have been taking supplements for years, especially, Glucosamine, Chondroitin. There are lots of products on the market that have those. Others have additional nutritional elements such as minerals or herbs. One supplement I have used with some success has 4 ingredients: A Pineapple extract, a cherry extract, a medicinal herb, Boswellia, and a cartilage/collagen component. Pretty good. However, no glucosamine or chondroitin. Just the 4 mentioned.

New Product With 13 Vital Nutrients for Knee and Joint Health

Since I am constantly researching what works and what doesn’t, I came across a new supplement formula, that the people at AS Research have come out with. It includes many of the well recognized supplements, like Glucosamine. However, after extensive research and studies, they  identified 11 other minerals, vitamins and herbs and even shark cartilage. To get the full story on this product, called Joint Regen, you can click on this link


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