How to Give Knee Care at Home Before Seeking Professional Help


Nowadays, we are blessed with numerous sources of information. That’s the good news. The frustrating part is what to do to seek out what really works. Should you take care of your knee pain at home?  Let’s break it down to a method. First, there is treating yourself, versus treatment by a professional. Within the self treatment approach,  there are  non prescription medicines, or even natural approaches, like diet choices or socalled nutraceuticals. There are exercises you can do, or physical appliances such as knee braces or knee supports, which are readily available. This is in the realm of self care, and in fact, self care should be your major focus. If you won’t take care of yourself, how could you expect anyone else to? Oh sure, for a price someone will treat you. But educating yourself and treating yourself, especially if your knee condition is not a medical emergency is the first step.


Knee Care At Homeknee care at home with natural herbs

However, what if you feel that there is something ‘really wrong’, such as symptoms of extreme pain or pain that gets progressively worse? Or you have some strange things like clicking sounds, or your knee gives out on you, or your daily activities are being restricted. Then, it might be time to at least consult with a professional. So here are some ‘treatments by others’ to consider, which fall outside of the traditional medical model.

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If you decide to treat yourself, there are lots of videos and books such as  Treat Your Own Knees or digital online courses in knee care, such as


An Athlete’s Guide To Chronic Knee Pain, Theories And Solutions For Patellar Tendonitis, Jumpers Knee, And Patellar Tracking Problems. Designed To Fix Those That Have Knee Pain When Running, Jumping, And Squatting.


Non Traditional Western Medical Approaches


  • Massage therapist
  • Physical Therapist
  • Chinese herbal medicine or acupuncture
  • Some jurisdictions allow Naturopaths to practice, and their techniques, like the ones above are more accessible and less expensive


 Orthopedic Medicine


We’ll be covering various treatment approaches both self care as well as professional care, including traditional medical approaches, such as knee surgery, as well as newer methods such as Stem Cell therapy. Of course, Orthopedic medicine by highly trained physicians and surgeons using some of the latest techniques can also make a critical difference, especially in cases where there is significant damage due to injury, or an advanced condition, such as severe cartilage loss.
The main thing is to increase your awareness of your knee, to prevent injury or to mitigate a problem before it gets out of control. And if you do feel you need professional advice, you can educate yourself to make the right choices. Let me simply state a disclaimer here, that I am just someone who has had knee pain on and off for over 30 years, and have done my own research, which I am passing on to you free of charge. Some links go to further information, and some links go to potentially useful products that I may be paid for sending as a referral. I am not a medical professional. So all the decisions you make are your own. Survey the site, and learn more.