Symptoms of Knee Problems

Inside the knee are many tissues

The Knee is a complex joint.

What Do Knee Problems Feel Like?

The knee is a complex joint–a lot can go wrong!

Take a look at that image of the knee joint. The knee is one of the most pivotal joints in the body, because it has to bear a lot of weight and stress. And each one of the parts of the knee shown in the illustration can act up at some point. This can be in the form of

  • Swelling
  • Feeling of throbbing pain
  • Shooting pain
  • Pain on the inside or outside or interior of the knee
  • Weakness or ‘giving out’ of the knee
  • Stiffness
  • Locking
  • Lumps in the knee
  • Decreased range of motion
  • Knee “clicking”

Just to name a few.

In fact, according to the website Right Diagnosis, There are either 149 Causes of knee symptoms, and an amazing 213 types of knee symptoms! So the list directly above is just a partial list of common complaints.  Some of the more common symptoms relate to Runner’s Knee, Knee Tendonitis, Jumper’s Knee, Knee Sprains, Hyperextensions, not to mention, meniscus tears, ACL tears, torn ligaments, bursitis (inflammation of the sacks in the knee that provide lubrication).

Sooner or later, many people are going to have issues with their knees.


Again, looking at the illustration, there are so many parts of the knee, and the knee bears a lot of weight and stress, that it is not surprising, that many young people who play sports have various knee symptoms. Once you reach age 45 or so, the likelihood of osteoarthritis, or in plain English,  sore knees due wearing out over time is quite high. The About Page tells my story of how I personally have had to deal with knee pain over the last 30+ plus years. There is a lot of useful information and resources on this site. So poke around, make yourself at home, and find out how to both prevent knee pain and take care of your knees.