A Knee Pillow –the first thing to do to rest your sore knee(s)

One of the basics of knee pain relief is the so called “R.I.C.E” plan. What that stands for is

  • Rest
  • Ice
  • Compression
  • Elevation

So let’s take a look at dealing with your painful knee from the point of view of REST, as well, possibly, as ELEVATION.

If you’re an athlete, REST may well be the best medicine. Take a look at this story about Patriots’ Quarterback, Tom Brady.

“Tom Brady as healthy as he’s been after resting knee via Tom Brady as healthy as he’s been after resting knee. I was on the injury report for I think three or four weeks with a knee, but I’ve been practicing every day since I came off that, and I feel great. I really do. Everyone has little bumps and bruises”.

Fact is, our bodies do have a great capacity to heal themselves if we just lay off the stress and give them a chance.

Here is another fact:

Sleep and Healing Injuries


We all know that if you are sick, the best thing you can do for yourself is to just go to bed, get some rest, and SLEEP. But the same is true for injuries, and even for heavy duty workouts. Bodybuilders put a lot of stress on their muscles and joint, with the first step in many muscle building plans is the micro tears due to heavy lifting. And muscle builders get a lot of sleep, which is when the effort they made in the gym works out to muscles built during sleep.

Likewise, getting a good night’s rest can make all the difference. Just the other day, after doing a lot of leg exercises, I noticed my knee acting up. I got a good night’s sleep and my knee feels a lot better. Try it yourself.


When you sleep, your body restores and repairs various functions and replenishes hormones to a healthy level.

“Sleep services all aspects of our body in one way or another: molecular, energy balance, as well as intellectual function, alertness and mood,” says Dr. Merrill Mitler, a sleep expert and neuroscientist at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), in a story on the NIH website.

In other words, late nights and disrupted sleep interfere with the body’s ability to repair damage and rejuvenate itself.

Getting quality shut-eye, as it turns out, becomes more challenging as we age. At least 50 percent of people age 65 and older report having sleep problems, according to The American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry.

via How Your Body Heals When You Sleep


Using a Leg Pillow for Sleeping


Have ever noticed how sometimes you will feel pain in your knee after sleeping, or even that your knees ache at night? It may be that while you’re sleeping, your leg goes into some awkward stressful position. Let’s also remember that as we get older, the cushion in our joints, the cartilage and meniscus deteriorates, which makes the knee more susceptible to pain.

So an obvious solution to knee pain, and in fact other types of joint and nerve issues, such as back pain, sciatica, hip pain and so on can benefit from using a knee pillow. This can either be a pillow between the knees, under the knees or even a pillow that elevates the knees and legs.


Top 5 Knee Pillows on Amazon


It is very common to use the purely subject approach to deciding what product works. Of course, only you, after using a product can decide if it’s worth it or not. We often depend on expert opinions to help us make a decision. That can be very useful, as well. However, what if you had the benefit of hundreds or even THOUSANDS of product testers giving you an evaluation of a product.

In this study, we’re going to look at the top 5 knee pillows on Amazon. How to determine the top 5?

We used these criteria:

  • The (approximate) number of montly sales
  • The number of reviews
  • The rating on a scale of 1 to 5
  • The overall rank according to Amazon’s own internal criteria

These figures are taken from a program called Jungle Scout, which goes into Amazon’s data base and extracts this information. While not exact, it does give a good idea of what is going on inside Amazon.

Let’s dig a little deeper into these measures


The (approximate) number of monthly sales


This is a direct reflection of the overall popularity of a product. While it is true that markets and people’s opinions change, at least we have general idea of what the Amazon buying public thinks at least in the current (March 2019) period


The number of reviews


The more people who review a product, the better case can be made what the overall opinion of the public is. So generally it is best to stick with products that have a minimum of 200 reviews.


The rating on a scale of 1 to 5


Most of us have seen how many products and services are rated on the basis of the ‘Star System’. Products rated between 4-5 stars are more likely to have high customer satisfaction.


Amazon’s Rank for the product


Amazon has something called the Best Seller Rank. It ranks products by both broad category as well as narrow category. For example, if you do a search for ‘Knee Pillow’, in Amazon, you will find the following:

Knee Pillows are categorized first in “Home and Kitchen”. You won’t find “auto tires” in home and kitchen but of course we do use pillows in the home. So knee pillows are ranked in Home and Kitchen (ranks change constantly) in this snapshot. And then in the  Bedding > Bed Pillows & Positioners > Leg Positioner Pillows categories.

Based on these measures, here is what are the best rated, most popular knee pillows on Amazon in 2019 (month of March)

This pillow is not only the best seller on Amazon, it also has the coveted “Amazon’s Choice” approval for ‘knee pillow for knee pain.” Over 11,000 sales per month, and a whopping 4000+ reviews with an overall 4.5 out of 5 star rating.

What’s more, it has the #1 Ranking for Knee Position Pillows and among thousands of Home and Kitchen category product it is #145. So if you are looking for a great pillow for your knees and indeed for other kinds of body discomfort, such as pregancy sciatica, hip, back or foot pain, this is definitely one to consider.

The only real objection we see seems to be that after awhile, the foam goes flat and your knees end up touching, which defeats the purpose of them. About 4% of reviewers talked about this. 72% gave it 5 stars, though.


Knee Pillow for Side Sleepers by Cushy Form


This knee pillow is contoured to support your knees and help align your posture throughout the night. Its description says it ‘eases back, leg, knee, ankle and hip joint pain by providing proper spinal alignment.” It has an Amazon rating of #4 in the Leg Positioner Pillows category, and a respectable 4.3 star rating. It is also a top seller with, as of this writing, over 4000 sales per month. Plus, it has over 3000 customer reviews, 64% are 5 stars.

The bad reviews say that it is too small, or too firm, not meant for a petite person, and that it slipped out from between the reviewer’s knees at night, causing more pain. 6% of reviewers gave it a one  star rating. So, ten times more people gave it a 5 star rating than a one star rating. This is a common issue, it is a great product, but not for everyone. As the reviewers point out, it’s a good idea to test something first. However, like most sellers do, you can get a refund if you’re not completely satisfied.

Everlasting Comfort  Memory Foam Knee Pillow

This knee pillow has a couple of special attractions: It has a strap, which is removable, but you can use it to keep the pillow in place throughout the night, unlike its competitors. Plus, it comes with a bonus set of ear plugs. If you are sensitive to noise that is a nice little add on.

The Everlasting Comfort Pure Memory Foam Knee Pillow has a very high sales volume of over 2000 per month, over 1000 reviews and a 4.5 star rating. So it has clearly got a great track record. 75% of the reviews are 5 stars, and only 2% are 1 star. Odds are, you won’t go wrong with this knee pillow.

Post Surgery Elevating Leg Rest Pillow

This pillow is different from other knee pillows, in that its purpose is to elevate your knees and lower legs, rather than being placed between them. So it functions differently than pillow placed between the knees. You use it while sleeping on your back.

As far as the metrics go, it has sales of over 2000 per month, it is ranked #11 in the Wedges and Body Positioner category, and has 4.6 star rating with almost 900 reviews. It has an amazing 79% 5 stars by reviewers, with only 2% giving it a 1 star review. The complaints ranged from it smelling and being musty, to being to large for a short person. However, there is no consistent pattern of objections. The overwhelming sentiment is that it is excellent.

The main benefit here is that of Elevation, one of the 4 main methods of dealing with leg and knee issues. You see, blood tends to flow down to the feet in daily living, when we sit or stand. Lying down, our legs are flat.

But when our legs are elevated, the blood tends to flow out of our legs, which then allows fresh blood to flow back in, thus improving circulation.


Cushy Form Back Pain Relief Half-Moon Bolster/Wedge


Unlike the other pillows, this pillow is shaped like a half moon, so it fits under your knees, giving them a slight bend. So it’s different from knee pillow that fit between the knees, which is good for side sleeping.

It also gives some elevation to the knees but not the whole lower leg. You can sleep with it either on your back or on your side.

It sells over 1500 per month, has over 1700 reviews, its star rating is so so, at 3.8 stars, and ranks #15 Wedge and Body Positioners.

57% of reviewers give it 5 Stars, however, a pretty high 14% give it only a 1 Star review. What is the issue here? Complaints were various, not a clear pattern. One odd thing is that the description clearly states that it offers a money back guarantee, and yet several buyers complain that it would not accept returns for a refund.

One thing about Amazon reviews is that, while a product may change and make improvements in quality, Amazon does not necessarily take those improvemts into account. That means that, even if a product does offer a guarantee, if reviewers say it does not, it leaves future buyers confused.

I included this product because it is a different design and approach to dealing with knee and other body pain issues and does offer elevation. The fact that it is a top seller speaks for itself, in its category. It ranks a respectable #15 in Wedge and Body Positioners.

So if you are looking for a knee support pillow that fits under your knees, while allowing you to sleep either on your back or your side, this pillow is certainly worthy of your consideration.




A simple search in Amazon for knee pillow for knee pain, brings up ‘over 2000 results’.  Imagine going to a store to buy something and you are faced with a shelf with 2000 choices…..how to make a decision? Well, you could rely on a friend or trusted voice, which is best. However, when shopping online, it is much harder to get good advice. For that reason, we need tools that can take advantage of the opinions–how people actually spent their money, as well as their written reviews–to help guide our decisions.

I hope this method of identifying products worth your hard earned money helps you. To go straight to Amazon to get more details on this or any other product you are considering, click this link. By doing so, you support my work to bring you the benefits of my research. Thanks for reading!

Last update on 2019-04-26 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API