What to do to care for your knees

So, if you have taken steps to change your lifestyle by checking what you should be eating and have thought of ways to take better care of your knees, the next step is to ‘Just Do It!”.  Here is a short list of ways you yourself can take action to care for your knees and reduce pain:

  • Rest in case of a sprain or strain
  • Ice to reduce inflammation
  • Warm up the joint and improve circulation
  • Elevate your knee to reduce swelling
  • Use a pain relief ointment, like Bengay or Tiger Balm
  • Get an over the counter pain reliever
  • Start using a supplement that naturally improves joint health
  • Consider a knee brace, knee sleeve, knee support, wrap or strap to stabilize the joint
  • Get one of several types of pain relief machines that you can apply at home, such as TENS machines, Ultrasound, Cold Laser Light etc.
  • Start an exercise program, either at home, if you have the self discipline or
  • Sign up with a gym. Paying a fee can be an incentive to actually use the facilities of a gym. You may also meet interesting people
  • Buy some weights or workout items you can use at home. Get an all in one training module to use at home. Home cycle equipment or rowing machines are examples
  • If you are overweight, check into dieting. There are a lot of online resources. Plus, some paid resources, such as the 2 Week Diet, include Facebook support groups or even additional personalized coaching

And If You Need Professional Help….

  • Get an MRI, (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), which gives a highly detailed image of what is actually going on inside the body.
  • Go to a massage therapist, who may be able to bring immediate relief to a sore joint, no doctor’s prescription required
  • See an acupuncturist or naturopathic practitioner, or other natural healer, if they are practicing in your area
  • See an orthopedic doctor, who have a variety of techniques, some surgical some prescription pharmaceutical for his or her advice
  • See a physical therapist, who can use a variety of techniques on a professional basis, such as TENS, Ultrasound.
  • See someone who specializes in alternative therapies such as Laser Therapy.
  • Try Stem Cell Treatment
  • Try Platelet Rich Plasma treatment
  • Other Joint Injections which may provide relief for a few weeks to a few months

A Short But Comprehensive List

When people have knee pain, they take an aspirin or paracetamol (like Tylenol), or worse, opiods with their highly addictive side effect. Or they’ll stop the activity that caused the pain, not realizing that other day to day actions my contribute without their realizing it to the problem. This list of both self knee care solutions, as well as several professional methods can serve as a clearinghouse of information, so you have a full or nearly full menu of possibilities.

Take Action

However, your goal to reduce knee discomfort won’t go anywhere, unless you, dear reader, or another caring person takes action to stop the degeneration of the knee joint, as well as a reducing its spreading. Education, the way to elevate whole peoples out of ignorance, can be a key factor in reducing ignorance about the causes of knee pain. Your journey to good knee health begins with a single step.

journey begins with a single step

Your journey to health begins with a single step

Won’t you take the next step?